agile planning

Agile Game Development: Planning, what is a User Story?

Recently, Jose Ramón and I are working with the guys from at Barcelona. Some of our learnings there is that in game development, we tend to think that a game feature is a User Story. This belief leads us to think that developing US takes way longer than a reasonable time for a sprint, […]

Estimating User Stories: Agile relative estimations vs single-and-direct US estimation

Ok, time to speak about agile planification. Estimating user stories one-by-one is a common ( bad ) practice in many teams. What stage are you currently? My team doesn’t use Story Points, we still estimate in man-hour, and we plan our week capacity to be 40 hours / week / developer. My team doesn’t use […]

Measuring team velocity in User Stories

Let’s consider a scrum team who is working together from enough time as to have reached their “performing” stage. And in this consideration, the term team includes the Product Owner. Let’s imagine this team is starting a new project, in the same technologies and in a business area they already know, so no specific complications. The […]

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