Retrospectives series: Big event in a team

Here is a new idea for you, my friend facilitator, to try out in your next retrospectives. The core of format is based in a tool from my ORSC teachers from CRR and Augere, and I added some ideas over it. I have already applied this format a couple of times with success in authentic multidisciplinary teams. A strong commitment and smooth conflict […]

Retrospectives series: Heaven and Hell

This is the second article of the retrospective series, I hope you enjoy it, find it useful and can apply it with your team soon. Please, leave some feedback when this actually happens! This retrospective is titled “Heaven and Hell”, soon you will learn why… USE This is a good retrospective format for teams who are […]

My ball is my goal

Este es un juego para ayudar a organizaciones a entender el valor de tener objetivos compartidos, y demostrar que los grupos maximizan su rendimiento cuando marcan objetivos comunes por encima de la búsqueda de reconocimiento individual.Este juego debe realizarse en un espacio grande y cerrado. Dependiendo del material de las pelotas, puede ser muy ruidoso, […]

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