Paradigms of work management: conversations with the philosophers

I have finally made it, today I come to tell you about a conversation I was able to have yesterday (with the social distance measures recommended during these times) with two people I have admired since I heard about them in my high school years. They are René Descartes and David Hume. René will surely […]

Agile Contract: know the deal before you set it

You have probably been in the position where you had a project and the money to fulfill it, but not the manpower or knowledge to do it. You would’ve had to engage a supplier to get the work done. If we look at the Agile Principle ‘collaboration over contract negotiation’, we notice that while a […]

The Teal Conspiracy (or Utopia might just as well be around the corner)

Buurtzorg (or the potential seed?) Frederic Laloux might have done a thing or two in order to accelerate management (r)evolution with his book Reinventing Organizations. In my humble opinion his main (and timelessly awesome) contribution has been to cast a smart and focused light on some organizations many of us hadn’t (incredibly!) heard of before […]

LiquidOrgs – first draft

Liquid Organizations (aka “LiquidOrgs”) is just an idea, for now. LiquidOrgs has three legs, for now. LiquidOrgs try to take agility to the actual definition of the organisation. The three big questions I’d like LiquidOrgs to answer are: Who’s the owner (aka who gets the money) Who makes decisions Who’s in and who’s out To define the product we […]

Adapting the Inception Deck

Many of you are probably familiar with the Inception Deck. It is a tool to get all the stakeholders aligned at the beginning of a project or product development. The idea is to get this alignment to happen with the least paperwork possible. The Inception Deck provides a set of 10 exercises to be done […]

Story points vs Man days – The misguided debate

Relative estimation and story points is one of the topics I find people most often struggling to grasp, whether in trainings or at client sites. The main issue seems to be the belief that eventually, Story Points (SPs) need to be translated into Man Days (MDs) if you want to be able to do things […]

The noodle challenge

Recientemente visité el equipo off-shore de Criteo en Vietnam. El propósito de la visita era entrenar al equipo en técnicas ágiles. Como soy un fanático de usar juegos para enseñar, tenía un surtido de juegos preparados para ellos. Uno de ellos es el archi-conocido Marshmallow Challenge. Aunque yo normalmente lo llamo Spaghetti Challenge para que […]

How to obtain the resulting code of merging a pull request in GitHub

If you use Github in your development workflow, you probably use pull requests. At some point, you might need to get the code resultant of merging that pull request. Or even the code in that pull request, before being merged. If it’s the case, you have to edit your .git/config file, which might look like […]

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