Author : Tiago Garcez

Productivity is an advanced topic, be patient

Everybody is interested in improving productivity. It’s in the title of the book from one of the creators of Scrum – boost your productivity by a factor of 4! Yet, when I reflect on the work I’ve done helping organizations in their Agile transformations, I realize I’ve had a somewhat conflicted relationship with the topic […]

The four perspectives of a Product Owner

One of the challenges organizations face when moving towards Agile ways of working is the role of a product owner. We generally understand the idea of the one person ultimately accountable for return-on-investment for their “product”. However, go into a company doing Agile nowadays and ask one of the product owners if they are empowered […]

Beyond Agile scaling frameworks – continuously adapting structures

Note: This post is part of series exploring the structures and patterns of Agile Organizations. We have been working on a new training and toolkit, and the idea behind this series of posts was to share some of the insights and perspectives that we developed while working on our new Agile Organizations training.  Over the […]

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