Author: Alan Cyment

The Teal Conspiracy (or Utopia might just as well be around the corner)

Buurtzorg (or the potential seed?) Frederic Laloux might have done a thing or two in order to accelerate management (r)evolution with his book Reinventing Organizations. In my humble opinion his main (and timelessly awesome) contribution has been to cast a smart and focused light on some organizations many of us hadn’t (incredibly!) heard of before […]

LiquidOrgs – first draft

Liquid Organizations (aka “LiquidOrgs”) is just an idea, for now. LiquidOrgs has three legs, for now. LiquidOrgs try to take agility to the actual definition of the organisation. The three big questions I’d like LiquidOrgs to answer are: Who’s the owner (aka who gets the money) Who makes decisions Who’s in and who’s out To define the product we […]

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