ScrumMasters and Dragons : Bcn Session

Last Wednesday, March 20th, Agilar celebrated the end of this winter in Barcelona organizing a “ScrumMasters and Dragons” session, in collaboration with Appstylus . We had the opportunity to perform this session with around 20 people, with different skills: From agile coaches, members of the Agile BCN community, some advanced practitioners and some newbies.

From Agilar, we had the pride to count with Xavier Quesada Allue and Jose Ramón Díaz  between us. As local member of Agilar, Fernando Palomo (myself) was coordinating the event. We also counted with the special appearance of Xavier Albadalejo, who we would like to thank gratefully from here. It’s always complicated to “steal” time from a thought leader, who delighted us as an amazing Dungeon Master, and later during the dinner explained us about new innovative perspectives in agile coaching.

“But… hey, wait, what the heck is this stuff of ScrumMasters and Dragons?”

Well, let’s say Agilar came up with a new funny way to offer a playground for Scrum Masters, where they can practice their skills, learn new tools and gain new knowledges for their daily work. Every assistant had the chance to practice as a Scrum Master, and receive feedback about his work, but everyone had also the chance to play different roles in an organization, in order to adquire new perspectives from different points of view.

“Uh, ok, it sounds nice. But what the heck is it? What did you guys do?”

Ha! you have to attend to our next event in Barcelona, or the next AOS 2013, where we will propose at least one session. Follow us on twitter, @agilar_es , or join our newsletter to be updated with our latests news.


ScrumMasters and Dragons : Bcn Session

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